District Offices

District Population Welfare Offices are functioning in all districts of the province and are mainly responsible for implementation of Population Welfare activities in the field and provision of Reproductive Health Services including Family Planning to the population of the respective district through Service Delivery Outlets. These services include Family Health Clinics, Family Health Mobile Units, Family Health Centers, and Social Mobilizers. They also act as central hub for coordination, reporting and sharing of related information in the district with other stakeholder agencies which are working in the district for the same cause. These include the Provincial Line Departments, Registered Medical Practitioners, Target Group Institutions, Homoeopaths, Hakeems and NGOs.

District Offices are headed by District Population Welfare Officers and are assisted by Deputy District Population Welfare Officer, Technical, Deputy District Population Welfare Officer, (Communication & Training) and District Demographer.  

The main functions of the District Offices are Monitoring & Supervision including Technical and Non-Technical (administrative) aspects of staff and Service Delivery Outlets to ensure quality RH services to the clients. Further, they deal with the timely requisition of contraceptives from Central Warehouse and provision of sufficient supply to the Service Delivery Outlets; arrangements for contraceptive surgery extension camps; validation of contraceptive surgery (CS) cases of RHS-B Centers; arrangements and facilitation for on job training of the field staf; launching of awareness raising campaign activities regarding hazards of overpopulation and benefits of proper spacing between births of children. These offices collect performance reports from field, compile them and subsequently transmit them to the provincial office.