Adolescent Issues

Is natural emission or wet dream an abnormal finding? Top
This is not an abnormal finding. The release of semen of boys during sleep is quite normal.
Do wet dreams (ejaculation) make a boy weak? Top
No, this is a natural process. As puberty advances the frequency of unexpected erection and wet dreams normally decreases.
What can parents do when their child is at adolescent age? Top
As adolescence is an age when young people experience different pressures. Their parents should be supportive and a source of required knowledge/ guidance without being overly repressive.
How  should a boy be handled who feels shy and prefers to remain in isolation? Top
Puberty is the toughest part of life. Parents or elder brothers may help him to accept the physical and psychological changes as part of the developmental process. There should be no secrets between parents and child and he should be encouraged to ask questions. An adolescent will prefer to know what changes his body is going through as part of normal development, how it will affect his life, and how to keep it in all perspectives.
What should be done for acne/ pimples on the face? Top
Pimples are due to the increased production of sex hormones and are a normal part of puberty. It is advisable to wash the face frequently with clean water and soap. The face should not be scrubbed with a cloth. Pimples should not be touched squeezed or picked, otherwise scarring will take place. It also important that no creams/ lotions/ medications available over the counter should be used. A healthy lifestyle with plenty of water, fruits, vegetables, and exercise and a proper sleep pattern with 8 hours of undisturbed sleep is essential.
What should be done when a girl, who has recently achieved puberty, is having irregular menses? Top
It is common to have irregular periods, particularly right after the onset of puberty. It can take a couple of years for periods to become regular. During this time care should be taken for the diet and nutrition of the adolescent girl.
Should bathing be avoided during menstruation? Top
No, it is important to keep clean and stay fresh and bathing or taking warm showers during periods should be continued.  
What should be done when adolescent girls become shy and prefer to stay alone? Top
A mother should keep friendly relations with her daughter and assure her that the changes are due to hormones fluctuating during puberty and are a natural process of development. There is nothing to be ashamed of as every girl has to go through these changes.
Is it something to worry about when girls get lower abdominal pain for the first two days of menses? Top
This is also normal, however, girls should be kept warm and given hot drinks these days. Regular activity should be encouraged. Analgesics can be given if required.
How can menstrual hygiene be ensured? Top
It is best to use sanitary napkins/pads. Reused cloth can cause infection so it should be avoided. However, in case of re-use, it should be properly washed, dried in the sun, and ironed every time. Body hygiene through warm showers/ baths is also essential.