Logistics Management Information System (LMIS)

Objectives of Logistics and Procurement Cell

The main objective of Logistics and Procurement Cell is to strengthen the logistics, supply chain and procurement system of PWD, Punjab and make sure availability of family planning commodities up to last mile (end users).


Provincial Logistics and Procurement Cell

  • Support the Department in planning, forecasting and quantification of Family Planning commodities
  • Establish mechanisms, systems and plans for standardization and improvement of supply chain, procurement warehousing distribution and transportation
  • Develop and finalize standard documentation for logistics management and procurement of contraceptives
  • Provide technical, consultative advisory and capacity building services regarding logistics, supply chain, procurement and distribution of contraceptives at provincial and district level
  • Periodically review and verify accuracy of data entered in Logistics Management Information System (LMIS) at district level

District Logistics and Procurement Cell

  • Quantification of contraceptive commodities
  • Preparation and finalization of integrated CLR-6 in District Technical Committee (DTC) meeting
  • Verification and gap analysis of contraceptives received from CW&S Karachi
  • Monitoring of supplies at sub district level
  • Aggregation/compilation of  logistics data received from service delivery outlets
  • Data updating in LMIS (Software) on monthly basis
  • Analysis of contraceptives stock sufficiency

Coordination of USAID | Deliver Project With Logistics and Procurement Cell

USAID/Deliver Project has supported the PWD, in establishing and running the functions of the Cell, as under:

  • Capacity building and training of staff in logistics management, forecasting, quantification, procurement & LMIS software and its features
  • Provide technical consultation and advisory services regarding logistics, supply chain, procurement and distribution of contraceptives
  • Hardware (IT Equipment) and software (LMIS) support.

LMIS Manuals

Punjab Public Health Supply Chain Stratagy