Meeting with the Private Sector and NGOs on the Progress of Contraceptives

A quarterly coordination meeting with the private sector and NGOs on the progress of contraceptives commodity securities was held at Flatties Hotel under the chairpersonship of Sahibzadi Waseema Umer DG PWD Punjab. PWD regularly organized a quarterly meeting with NGOs and the private sector to review progress on issuing free contraceptives. This meeting is organized with the financial and technical assistance of UNFPA. PWD encouraged the private sector participants and NGOs such as APWA, Jhepiego, Greenstar, MSS, Pathfinder, HANDS, RSPN, and FPAP for the Public-Private Partnership and other possible efforts. Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Shahzad Technical Specialist UNFPA shares the decision and recommendations of CCI and the status of the provincial action plan. DG PWD stresses the coordinated efforts for mass media, community mobilization, and joint work from all actors. She said that the population is not only PWD's responsibility rather this is everyone's responsibility.