Production and Printing Unit

The Production and Printing Unit (P&P) was established in Lahore in 1962, even prior to the establishment of the Population Welfare Programme. It was handed over to the Family Planning Council in 1970, re-designated as Directorate of Production and Printing in 1976, and transformed into a Unit in 2001 under the supervision of Principal PWTI Lahore.

The P&P provides a high quality printing facility of IEC material (brochures, posters, data sheets, booklets, pamphlets leaflets, forms, registers, technical books and research reports), catering to the specific demands of the Provincial Population Welfare Departments/District Population Welfare Offices, National Institute of Population Studies (NIPS), Population Welfare Training Institutes (PWTIs), Regional Training Institutes (RTIs), Northern Areas (NAs) and FATA. It provides printing facility on “No Profit – No Loss” Basis.