Progestin-Only Injectables

If a woman does not have monthly bleeding while using progestin-only injectables, does this mean that she is pregnant? Top
Probably not, especially if she is breastfeeding. Eventually, most women using progestin-only injectables will not have monthly bleeding. If she has been getting her injections on time, she is probably not pregnant and can keep using injectables. If she is still worried, she can have a pregnancy test done. Not having monthly bleeding does not mean that the blood is being collected within her and is bad for her health. The lining of the uterus breaks down every month and is shed as period blood, is not made and so there is o monthly bleeding. If not having monthly bleeding bothers her, she can be switched to another method.
Can a woman who is breastfeeding safely use progestin-only injectables? Top
Yes, this is a good choice for a breastfeeding mother who wants a hormonal method. Progestin-only injectables are safe for the mother and her baby starting as early as 6 weeks after childbirth. These injectables do not affect milk production.
How much weight do women gain when they use progestin-only injectables? Top
Women gain an average weight of 1-2 kg per year when using injectables. Some of the weight increases may be the usual weight gain as people age. Some women, particularly overweight adolescents, have gained much more than 1-2 kg per year. At the same time, some users of progestin-only injectables lose weight or have no significant change in their weight.
Do progestin-only injectables cause abortion? Top
No, research on progestin-only injectables finds that they do not disrupt an existing pregnancy. They should not be used to try to cause an abortion as they will not do so.
Do progestin-only injectables make a woman infertile? Top
No, there may be a delay in regaining fertility after stopping progestin-only injectables, but in time the woman will be able to become pregnant as before.
How long does it take to become pregnant after stopping progestin-only injectables? Top
Women who stop using progestin-only injectables may have to wait for 6 to 10 months after their last injection. A woman should not be worried if she has not become pregnant even as much as 12 months after stopping use. The length of time a woman has used injectables makes no difference to how quickly she becomes pregnant once she stops having injections.
Can a woman switch from one progestin-only injectable to another? Top
Switching injectables is safe and it does not decrease effectiveness. Clients only need to be told that they are switching, the name of the new injectable, and its injection schedule.
What if a woman returns for her injection late? Top
Current WHO guidance recommends giving a woman her next progestin-only injection if she is up to 2 weeks late without the need for further evidence that she is not pregnant.