Population Welfare Training Institute (PWTI)

Population Welfare Training Institute (PWTI) was established in 1981, with the broad objective of imparting Non-Clinical Training to Departmental staff and to the target audience through step-down trainings. Capacity building of Departmental Personnel includes subjects of office and financial management, community mobilization, communication skills. In the wake of 18th constitutional amendment, the Institute was devolved to the Population Welfare Department Punjab on 04-12-2010. Follow on Facebook for latest in house activities.


Enlisted below are the funtions followed by PWTI:

  • Contributing to build human and institutional capacity to engage in policy oriented research, awareness raising campaigns
  • Designing and conducting initial/in-service/mandatory promotional trainings
  • Preparing syllabi and curricula/manual for training programmes
  • Arranging sensitization/orientation training programmes for religious scholars, nation building departments,provincial line departments, target group institutions and non-governmental organizations at District and Tehsil level
  • Conducting,.preparing and publishing research based data for key stakeholders for developing polices and programmes
  • Building a core team of trainers and researchers to ensure quality of capacity building activities and research

The Population Welfare Training Institute has been strengthened in respect of increased training capacity, improved quality of trainings and conduction of research work through execution and completion of the ADP Scheme Strengthening of PWTI 2014-16. The scheme had the following features:

Training Hall

PWTI has established a training hall to cater the requirement of trainings. The hall is equipped with wall mounted projector screen, audio system, video recording, multimedia projector and a seating capacity of 35 trainees. Cooling and heating appliances are also installed to ensure a comfortable training environment. Other training aids are also available to facilitate the trainers and trainees.

IT Resource Lab & e-Library

With the establishment of IT Resource Lab and e-Library the effectiveness of training has increased multi fold as information in the form of the electronic data and upto-date material is readily available. The IT resorce lab has 30 latest desktop computers. It offers swift internet connection for web searches. The e-library of the institute is also accessed from the IT lab. The main library of PWTI has over 1500 books, journals and reports on population, reproductive health, islam and family planning and related subjects. There is a large collection of resource material available on population and reproductive health with PWTI, Lahore.

Research Unit

Research Unit has been established for keeping the Department and other stakeholders uptodate on various dimensions of family planning and reproductive health in the province. Two operational researches have been completed on “Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Family Planning among Married Women (Aged 15-35) in D.G. Khan and Rajanpur” and “Client Satisfaction with Services of Family Welfare Centers in the Rural Areas of Punjab.” Further, with the assistance of the Advisor on Islamic Research, the Population Welfare Training Institute has developed islamic literature for the general public to promote family planning. Publications were provided to different libraries and distributed in public awareness seminars.

Hostel Facility

The hostel facility is a newly established venture in the 36 years old history of PWTI. It caters to 35 outstation trainees at a time and offers full dining facilities under management of trained kitchen staff. Each comfortably furnished room on twin sharing basis has a washroom attached. A common room is available with television for relaxation during free time.The hostel is provided with a heavy duty electric generator as alternate source of electricity. Maintenance staff on roll ensures comfort and safety of the trainees.

Training Achievements (2011 - 2016)

1415 officers participated in training courses/ workshops arranged on office and financial management, training of trainers, computng skills for contraceptive logistic management information system-cLMIS. 766 officials attended training courses on management of district store, financial management, and office etiquette and manners. 2247 field functionaries were trained in interviewing and counselling techniques for RH and FP, working with the community and social mobilization.

PWTI Training Calender 2016 - 2017.

Annual Training Calendar 2017-18