Regional Training Institutes

Post 18th amendment and consequent devolution of the Population Welfare Departments to the provinces, four Regional Training Institutes situated in Punjab were handed over to the Population Welfare Department, Punjab. These are located in Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad and Sahiwal.

Regional Training Institute envisions the overall improvement of Reproductive Health status of people of Pakistan through

  • Human Resource Development
  • Capacity Building of Service Providers

The main mission of Regional Training Institute is to create a competent cadre of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Service providers through imparting high quality competency based training.

Packages and Objectives

  • FWWs 24 months basic training to meet the staff requirement of the programme and the private sector & NGOs
  • In-service training to medical officers of Family Health Clinics, MSU and doctors in the management hierarchy of the programme
  • Pre-service training to female FWAs immediately after their selection
  • Career development courses for programme personnel like Assistant Sister Tutors (AST), Field Technical Officers (FTOs), and FWCs, FWWs and master trainers
  • Orientation/refresher training courses for doctors and paramedics on Family Planning & Reproductive Health Package
  • Training of service providers (medics & paramedics) deployed at the service delivery outlets of PLDs, PPSOs, NGOs and RMP component
  • Devise innovative training programme based on feedback received from the field to suit service delivery requirements

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