Manual on Supervision, Monitoring and Evaluation (Population Welfare Programme)

Extract from Foreword:

"The Manual of Supervision, Monitoring and Evaluation is provided as a tool for a Population Welfare Programme which is focused upon the responsibility of implementing and executing plans and strategies in Punjab. The Manual is based upon best international implementation and evaluation practices that promote discipline, accountability and efficiency in the working of public organization. The Manual addresses the key performance indicators of working at different tiers/ echelon of the Population Welfare Directorates and field offices. It provides step-by-step instructions for the district officers and other hands-on staff who are assigned with the responsibility of service delivery and supervision/ monitoring. The Manual also provides comprehensive information for mid/ high level decision makers and guidelines for the heads of service delivery centers, clinics, district offices of Population Welfare Department.

The use and application of the Manual of Supervision, Monitoring and Evaluation by the responsible and efficient officers will ensure that the people of Punjab would have access to the skilled service delivery setup which definately supports their decisions for utilizing reproductive health services and family planning practices in the province."     

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Manual on Supervision, Monitoring and Evaluation