Permanent Methods

When a couple is sure that their family is complete they can opt for permanent contraception, also known as sterilization, to prevent unwanted pregnancies.
The policy of the department regarding surgical contraception is as follows:
  • Surgical contraception will be purely voluntary
  • There will be no element of coercion while offering contraceptive surgery to clients
  • Informed consent of the couple and written consent of both husband and wife will be obtained in every case
  • Clients having two living children are eligible for contraceptive surgery, provided the age of the younger child is more than 1 year

Sterilization is of two types:

Tubectomy (for females)

It is permanent method of contraception for women who do not want more children. It involves a safe simple surgical procedure and becomes effective immediately after surgery. It can be done at any time at any health care facility, after ruling out that the woman is not pregnant. Proper and effective counseling of client is required as it is a permanent method of contraception. Read more...

Vasectomy (for males)

It is a permanent method of contraception for men who do not want more children. It involves a safe simple surgical procedure. It takes three months to be effective. The man or couple must use condom or any other method of contraception for three months after vasectomy.

It is safe permanent and convenient method. It has fewer side effects and complications than many other methods of contraception for women. With proper counseling and informed consent an eligible man can have vasectomy safely. Read more…