Future Plans

The future plans to be pursued by the Population Welfare Department Punjab span over the next 13 years, till 2030, as per objectives of the Punjab Population Policy 2017. Four basic principles will be adhered, to achieve goals, equity, efficiency, volunteerism, and sustainability. Priority areas for action with some strategies are identified below:

  • Enhancing family planning service availability at the community level through expansion of service delivery down to union council level, re-activation of mobile service units, involvement of private providers
  • Ensuring contraceptive commodity security and a strong logistic system
  • Advocacy, demand generation, and social mobilization. Audience segmentation especially to encourage newlyweds and first-time parents, sensitization of parliamentarians, policy/decision-makers, effective use of media, involvement of religious scholars and leaders to remove socio-cultural barriers
  • Strengthening human resource development of Population Welfare Department personnel, development of community-based workers training program, organization of specialized orientation and support training programs for field staff of stakeholder departments
  • Strengthening monitoring and evaluation mechanism
  • Research and metrics
  • Attending special areas including mobilizing men for parenthood, addressing issues of adolescents and youth, and addressing infertility
  • Departmental restructuring
  • Interdepartmental coordination for consolidation of services
  • Funding Population Welfare Department
  • Governance of Population and Development

The framework for Punjab Population Policy 2017, and subsequent success in achievement of future plans depend upon:

  • Strong political ownership
  • Entrusting leadership role to the Population Welfare Department
  • Mechanism to foster inter-sectoral linkages
  • All-time availability of contraceptives
  • An adequate resource envelope